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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 26 Mar

It was a clear night with the new moon about to come up as David lay down on the hillside. The night was darker than normal. The stars appeared somewhat brighter. As David gazed at the stars, he pondered the question, "What is man?" What is he in comparison to the stars? How would you answer? As we turn to the Scriptures we discover that man is a created being. We discover they are created in the image of God. God has placed in man and woman something of Himself. God is compassionate. God has placed something of that compassion in man. God is creative. God has placed something of that creative ability in man thus enabling man to be God's representative in cfreation. Man serves as a reminder to creation that God is in control and reigns. Since we are made in God's image how then should we show our care for fellow human beings? If there is something of the image of God is in each of us, does that give us the right to take the life of another person as in acts of terrorism? How should our care for one another be seen in those who can no longer speak for themselves such as someone suffering from dementia? We also see in the Scriptures that God has given man a job to do. He is to take care of the creation in the same way that God would care for the creation. Man is to be stewards of creation. How then should we care for God's creation is a question we might ask one another.