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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 26 May

When spiritual leadership fails is a subject much discussed both in the churches and in the secular world.  Hence the reason for a Royal Commission into the abuse of children by authorities, whether that authority is a church, a school, or a sporting club.

Although there will be some who may think that such atrocities have not taken place, sadly they have.  Such abuse can happen in two ways.  There can be moral failure which is the one we normally hear most about, but there is also doctrinal failure.  When a minister or elder take their vows, they take them to uphold matters of doctrine and morals.

It should not surprise us then that when we come to examine the situation in Malachi’s time, God is taking a long hard look at the failure of the priests, those in spiritual leadership.  They had failed in matters of doctrine, of upholding what God had laid down in His law.  They had failed to teach what is true.  They are accused of showing partiality when it came to what they taught,

Malachi was dealing with doctrinal failure in the leaders.  Today we are dealing with not only doctrinal failure with those in spiritual leadership, but also failure when it comes to matters of moral abuse.  

Pray for those who are in positions of spiritual leadership, that they will teach the truth and uphold purity in morals.  Pray for those who have fallen victim to the failure of those in spiritual leadership.