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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 27 Dec

We've spent several weeks preparing for Christmas, putting up decorations, preparing for family get together and work parties. But now it is all over, what is next? Working out how to pay off a maxed out credit card? Considering how we might remove the extra grams we put on from too much Christmas food? The New Year will be upon us, what are our plans for 2016? What will our priorities be? We come through the Christmas period focusing on the birth of the Christ child, a baby placed in a manger, worshipped by shepherds, and wise men brought him gifts. But just who is He that a large part of the world stops at Christmas time? Even though many say that Christmas is a great time of the year. A time for gift giving. A time for sport such as the Boxing Day Test or the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. A time to put your feet up for a day or two. But just who is this Jesus at the centre of it all? Luke in the remaining section of Chapter Two introduces us to four encounters Jesus has at the temple. There is His presentation according to the Law at the age of eight days. There is the encounter with Simeon who was praying that he would meet the Christ before the Lord called him heavenward. There is the encounter with Anna who confirmed what the angel and Simeon has said what this child would do. There is the boy Jesus entering into discussions with the teachers of the Law at the temple. Each encounter gives us further information as to who this child is. As we prepare to leave 2015 and enter into 2016, what priorities have you set for your life? May it be that you will want to know more of this Jesus whose birth we celebrate at Christmas.