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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 27 Jan

There are many temptations. Could be fruit – Adam in the Garden was tempted with fruit. We would normally see the enticement of fruit as tempting but if it is pleasing to the eye and sweet to taste then we may well yield to the temptation. We all face temptations and they will vary from individual to individual.

As we read the first eleven verses of Matthew Four, the writer reveals to us that Jesus faced temptations. And yet we know from the Bible that in anything Jesus did, He did not sin. Jesus was tempted but did not sin.

In facing temptation, the tempter, was seeking to get Jesus to doubt that God, His heavenly Father cared for Him. You could hear the tempter whispering to Jesus, “If God cares for you then He would provide food for you.” “If God cares for you then He would provide protection for you.” “God doesn’t care for you, come worship me.”

Are they temptations you have faced? Has the tempter, Satan, got you to doubt that your loving heavenly Father cares for you? Has the devil got you to distrust your heavenly Father?

When Jesus faced the temptations the tempter threw at Him, Jesus answered the tempter with Scripture. What Scripture have you quoted to overcome temptation Scripture?