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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 28 Jun

There are times when things just do not add up. Even though accountants and Board’s of Management would like them too. It could be how far food can stretch when feeding a multitude or how far a jar of medicine goes.

The feeding of 5,000 plus is one of those occasions when it does not add up no matter how good you are at maths or with a calculator. How does a few loaves of bread and a couple of fish feed 5,000 plus with 12 basket’s full leftover. It does not make sense. Unless of course, God steps into the picture, which He does.

 We can spend a lot of time trying to work out how we can make sense of he Maths and miss the point of the incident. The God of the Old Testament who fed His people with the bread of heaven, the manna, God is now standing among them once again feeding them bread – the bread of life. And His followers, the disciples are coming to the realisation that they cannot feed the people themselves. They need God’s help to carry out such a ministry.

There are many lessons for us in this incident. Namely we cannot enter into the Lord’s ministry without Him being there. While we might accomplish great things for the Lord, but without Him we cannot accomplish ministry that will last.

As you look back on your life when have you experienced the Lord’s hand on ministries you are involved in? The numbers add up with God in the picture.