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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 29 Jan

Good leaders are hard to find is perhaps not the right statement to be making. What we should ask is, "What does Jesus look for in a leader?" What Jesus looks for is different to what the world looks for in leadership. I wonder if we have allowed the world's criteria for leadership to influence what we look for in leadership in the church. If we took the time to examine what the church in Corinth was looking for in leadership, they had allowed the world to dictate the criteria. Paul battled to put things right in the Corinthian church. They were looking for someone who spoke well, had a commanding stage presence and was charismatic in personality. When the apostle Peter wrote to Christians in the midst of suffering, he too was concerned about the type of leadership needed in the church if fellow members of the body were going to face persecution. They must be a Christian. Given the history of the church that was not always the case. People were appointed that might have been good, but not Christian. They must have a shepherd's heart. Looking after sheep requires time and care. Caring people will require time. They must have a willing heart for the task. They must not be in it for money or the position. They must have a servant heart. Is God calling you to serve in a position of leadership whether it be as a family member, your study group or the church? How do the criteria Peter writes of apply?