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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 29 Mar

Over the past few weeks we have observed what people value when a crisis hits. For some it has been fights in supermarket aisles over scarce necessities or at least what is deemed as a necessity. For others it is stocking up on alcohol as lockdowns appear inevitable. For others it is the display of care and compassion. The delivery of groceries to one who is in self isolation. Or the handing out of $100 notes to workers who have suddenly found themselves out of a job.

As we turn to Matthew 13 and verses 44-52 we discover what Jesus sees as the ultimate value and what you will do to obtain it. What of course is of value is the good news of the kingdom that Jesus is ushering in. It is of such immense value that the one seeking it will give all he can to obtain it. Jesus compares it to treasure hidden in a field and when the man discovers the treasure, he does all he can to get the field and thus getting the treasure. Or Jesus compares it to the finest of pearls. There are plenty of fake and imitation pearls out there, but none compare to the pearl he has found.

One of the things that the current pandemic has shown us is what is truly of value. While there are many things we can value, but how much value do we place on our relationship with God? May be, as we enter more restrictive lockdowns, it is time to consider what is eternally of value. What value do you place on God and His Kingdom? Who have we told what we value?