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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 29 Nov

What is involved in being a member of a church? On the day of Pentecost when God added some 3,000 to the number of disciples, Peter made it quite clear what was involved in being a disciple and a member. “God made this Jesus, whom you crucified, both Lord and Christ.” When a disciple of Jesus states this he is saying Jesus is the only Saviour. And this Saviour or Rescuer God made Him Lord over all things and that Jesus has been appointed for that task. Being a Christian then involves having Jesus in charge of our life, and that knowing that He alone can save us. But there is more. Being a disciple involves repentance. A turning away from what we were living our life for and turning to God as the source of life. It involves forgiveness of our sins. It involves receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit offered by God. We may take believing these things as common place for Christian. But if you are living in a culture where to say that there is another way to live your life and find peace with God, then you will quickly find yourself persecuted and ostracised because you are challenging the false belief system of the day. These early disciples were putting their life on the line in saying Jesus Christ was their Lord and Saviour. Church membership is more than just knowing a series of statements. To help these new followers of Jesus live out their lives for Him, God placed them in a community - the church. A place where they devote themselves to the Word of God. A place where they could fellowship with one another. A place where they could break bread and have meals together. A place where they could pray. What is it that encourages you as a member of the church?