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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 29 Nov

The Day of the Lord features prominently in certain books of the Bible. Read through the prophet Joel to see what he had to say concerning such a day. A day when judgement would take place.

As we come to the gospel accounts, Jesus was not quiet on such a day. It was more that the signs of such a day were already there. Even Jesus admitted He did not know when such a day would occur, just be ready when it comes.

The letter writers still warned of such a day. Paul warned of it when he debated the university students on Mars Hill in Athens. The young in the faith Thessalonian Christians were warned that such a day was to come. However the writers were consistent in what they said. No one knows the day or the hour when the event will occur, but one thing was made quite plain. Are you ready for that day?

For many they are oblivious or ignorant of that day. Who will warn them that such a day is coming? It is imminent! To show you are prepared for such a day then put on the fruit of the Spirit. Be self-controlled. Put on faith and love. Put on hope. Show to the world that you belong to the kingdom of light. Put on the armour that the kingdom of light does battle with. There is a battle looming, let us be prepared!