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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 29 Sep

Who did you pick to win the AFL Grand Final? Was your team there? What criteria did you use to pick your winning team? Or just may be you did not care about the football. You are now glad it is over and you can get on with watching a summer of cricket.

Whatever criteria you may have used to choose a sporting team there is a far graver choice faced by each of us. Whose side are we on when it comes to being a follower of Jesus Christ? People choose sporting teams for all kinds of reasons – some rational and others we think are not so rational.

In Matthew 12 we have the religious leaders plotting how they might get rid of Jesus and accusing Him of being in league with the devil. They were trying their best to discredit Jesus through misrepresenting Him. How have we discredited Jesus?

Then there were the people themselves. They heard the same teaching the religious leaders heard. They saw the same miracles – calming storms, casting out demons, healing the sick. Yet their conclusion was different to the religious leaders. They thought that just maybe, this Jesus, might be the One they had long prayed for and waited for. Just may be this is the Son of David.

Today we know this Jesus is the One. As much as people try and discredit Him, Jesus is the One. When it comes to Jesus, we need to consider being on the Lord’s side.