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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 3 Feb

It is the time of year where AFL Clubs start to increase the training regime of their players and look at who will be available for the Round 1 games. Some players have hurt themselves in the off season and are still recovering. Others are wondering if they will ever be ready to run out for that first game.

We could ask that question of ourselves. Are we ready to serve the Lord Jesus Christ? In the latter part of Matthew 4, Jesus commences His ministry. Jesus goes to places that many would have steered clear of. He proclaims the good news in some dark areas of the nation.

The good news being that the Kingdom of Heaven has come, and that an appropriate response is to “repent”! To repent is to do a u-turn in our thinking and attitude toward the kingdom that has come.

However, Jesus does not proclaim the good news alone. He called people to come with Him as He proclaimed the good news in the nation of Israel. He called them to come and follow Him and fellowship with Him. He called them to come and witness and evangelize with Him as they went about fishing for Him. Can you remember when Jesus called you to follow Him in His Service? Share that time with someone.