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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 3 Jan

The taking of human life is common place. Abortion, domestic violence, terrorist activities all reflect something of how easily human life is taken. Where did such a low view of human life start? Why is the value of human life not honoured? At times it would appear that a whale or penguin or a chicken has more value than a human life. Such thoughts are confronting. However, it is no less confronting then what Jesus says about the taking of human life. Jesus opens up a whole new dimension of life taking when He starts looking at such issues as getting angry with our brother or calling someone a fool or an idiot. No doubt we can reflect on times in our lives where we have been angry with someone. Angry enough to even say, "I could kill you!" or, "I wish you were dead!" Name calling in anger is another way of destroying someone's life. In the process of our anger with them we either call them names or say something about them that is totally belittling and demeaning. We may not have physically killed them, but we've been successful in destroying their reputation. Jesus indicates the action we are to take. We are to go to our brother or sister and settle matter with them. Don't wait for them to come to us. Jesus knows our heart. He knows if we waited for the other to take action then nothing would happen. That is why God came to us. God knew we wouldn't come back to Him, so He sent Jesus to bring us back to him. Thank God for His initiative in bringing you back to him.