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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 3 Jun

We all have lost stories we can share with others. Whether it be lost keys, lost book, lost superannuation. We also have stories of lost children, they may have been physically lost, but there is also the heartache of losing a child spiritually.

The parable of the lost son focuses on a son who walks away from his family. He leaves behind all his parents sought to provide him with and to teach him. There is many a parent’s heart that grieves the loss of a child to the idols and false gods of this world. May be you are working through grief now over a son or daughter.

In the story Jesus tells we have a son who squanders his inheritance, his fair weather friends move on once his money has run out, jobs are hard to come by, and he eventually finds work doing something he thought he would never do. He comes to his senses and heads home reasoning that his father’s hired hands are doing it better than he is.

He returns home to the embrace of his father who celebrates the return of his son. The parable poses numerous challenges. How easy is it to welcome back someone who has hurt you deeply? Forgiveness is not mentioned, but how easy is it to forgive in this situation?

We see in this story a loving father who continues to wait patiently. It is a picture of our loving heavenly Father waiting for his lost children to return to Him. You might like to tell someone when you returned to the God who loves you deeply.