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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 3 Sep

There are many mysteries out there. The "who dun it's" where we try and work out who did the crime. The mysteries of people who have disappeared. The mystery of where creation all began. The Bible has some mysteries. Proverbs speaks of the mystery of how a snake moves. We also have God's mysterious plan of salvation where He would set about to save people for Himself. The mystery of how God changes a heart that is hardened toward Him. The mystery of how God chooses such a people for Himself? The mystery of how God brings two groups of people into one? Spend some time pondering some of those mysteries. However, Paul concludes with some marvellous words of wisdom essentially saying that when it is all said and done, there are some mysteries that will remain mysterious because we are not God and He is. He alone has all the wisdom and knowledge. Now since we don't know everything, and we need to admit that, then we are left with how we will respond to such a God. We ought to give Him the thanks and praise for what we do know and also for what we don't know. And that because we don't know everything, we need to rest in the comforting knowledge that God is all wise and we can trust Him no matter what situation we are facing. We may not understand what God is doing but we can trust Him that He does. And since He is the creator and owner of all things we are to praise Him and give Him the glory.