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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 30 Dec

As we read through these few verses, we cannot help but notice how many of these prophecies Jesus is fulfilling. On three occasions Jesus is said to have fulfilled prophecy. What is the likelihood of that happening? I will leave that for the mathematicians to figure out.

Even so, how many fulfilled prophecies would it take for someone to believe. We have seen the fulfilled prophecies in the genealogy. We have seen the fulfilled prophecy of the Saviour. We have seen the fulfilled prophecy when the magi asked for a location. We have seen the fulfilled prophecy of going to Egypt. We have seen the fulfilled prophecy of coming out of exile. We have seen prophecy fulfilled when Jesus lived in Nazareth.

So many prophecies fulfilled by Jesus, yet how many believed that Jesus was the Christ, the One to come and save His people from their sins. Sadly, not many did believe.

What is even sadder, how many believe today? It does not matter how many prophecies are quoted or looked at, people still refuse to believe. And the Bible tells us that they refuse to believe not because the fulfillments are not credible, we refuse to believe because of our own wickedness. We don’t like hearing that, but we must face the truth at some point. Now is a good time to ask yourself the question, “What brought you to believe and accept what Jesus has done for you?”