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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 30 Oct

Around the world, Christians are coming under increased attack. Such attacks range from physical attacks to emotional and mental pressure. Many attacks go unreported, or not even dealt with by governments who often turn a blind eye to the persecution of Christians and other minority groups under the government’s care. The apostle Peter writes to Christians living out their lives in the first century under the ever present threat of persecution. He writes to strengthen, to comfort, and to encourage these early followers of Jesus. Peter reminds them they are now living in another kingdom. Physically they were born into this world. Spiritually they have been born into a kingdom where God reigns on His eternal throne. This is in stark contrast to the Caesar’s sitting on the throne of their kingdom whose reign will not last. Peter reminds them that the inheritance they have coming to them is guaranteed as Jesus died and rose from the dead to guarantee the inheritance the Christian has coming to them. Peter reminds these early followers of Jesus that the trials they are undergoing will only serve to strengthen and refine the faith they have in Jesus. Peter reminds them that even though they may have doubts, Jesus truly is the one spoon of by the prophets who did careful research into who the scriptures were speaking of. If you are struggling as a follower of Jesus, then soak in the words of comfort, assurance and encouragement Peter gives. Stand amazed at the God who has been fit to bring you into His kingdom.