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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 30 Sep

We are sometimes surprised by the projects around the house we have started. We find items we thought we had lost, or projects we had started long ago but completely forgotten we even had them. It could be a book you started reading but time pressures forced you to put it down, never to be picked up again. Or may be it is a patch work quilt you long ago started but lost interest.

As we come to Ezra chapter five we discover a project decades in the making. A project that at times created great enthusiasm. At other times it was long since forgotten as personal priorities of house building took over.

God’s prophets speak into the situation encouraging the people of God to get on with the task of rebuilding. They were reminded why they had returned to Jerusalem. Rebuild! Rebuild! Rebuild! They are to start again.

If the prophets of Ezra’s time were speaking to the church today what would be said? “Get on the task of building the Kingdom. God has His eye on you.”

Comforting words. Whatever situation we face, God reminds us we are not alone, God has His eye on you. We can take comfort in God as we serve Him, even if it means starting over.