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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 31 Mar

Being out in a boat on a lake with a fishing line over the side is the epitome of bliss for some. Unless of course the fish are not biting. However being out in a boat on a lake can also be quite dangerous. Storms can blow up fairly quickly and waves can take water over the side of the boat. What started out as a fun time on a lake has now turned dangerous as you struggle to stay afloat.

This is the picture we are given in the boat ride the disciples have on the lake. They pile into the boat at the command of Jesus and seek to cross over to the other side. Jesus goes to sleep and everything is going smoothly until they spot an approaching storm. It soon develops into a furious storm which appears to catch these seasoned fishermen by surprise.

In desperation they wake Jesus saying, “Lord, save us! We’re going to drown!” Jesus appears bemused and not worried at all. “You of little faith,” he says to them, “why are you so afraid.”

There are several truths we can learn from this incident on the lake. One of the things Jesus said to would be followers last week was not to expect comfort as you journey with Jesus. A storm was not that comfortable. We also see that Jesus has power over nature, showing once again that He is God. We also see that the storms we experience in our life, we have been taken into them by Jesus Himself. After all Jesus told them to cross over knowing a storm was coming. What life storms are you experiencing at the moment?