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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 4 Aug

When we talk about heaven, what exactly are we talking about? For some it might be an ice-cream or a chocolate or a long awaited holiday in the tropics where one could get warm. It might be seeing a friend you haven’t seen in years or driving the car you dreamed about or purchasing a home you have dreamt of.

The Book of Revelation describes it as a place without death, pain, mourning or crying. Just how would you describe heaven? As we look at the world in which we live, we long for a home where there will be no death or pain which bring tears to our life. Equally important is how one gets there or is excluded from heaven.

As we read the words Matthew has penned we discover Jesus has power to bring someone back from the dead. Sounds like the description we are given in Revelation – no more death. Jesus restores people to full health. No more pain. He has power over the spiritual in casting out demons. The deeds Jesus does with the healings backs up who He is. For He is Lord over death, over illness, over the spiritual.

Do you have a yearning for heaven? Matthew 9 provides you with a taste of heaven. No more death or pain or mourning or crying. While we ponder the taste of heaven we are given pay attention to how one gets there. It is through the Lord who is in charge. The next time someone says, “I hope I get to heaven when I die” point them to the One who gets them there – Jesus Christ.