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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 4 Nov

What news do you find appalling? Maybe you’ve seen something on the news which leaves you thinking what is the world coming to? In the mid-70’s the band Skyhooks had a song entitled, “Horror Movie”. The horror for them at the time was the horror of the 6pm news. It would be interesting to compare the news then, to the news of today. Would we come away horrified? Would we be appalled?

As we read Ezra 9, Ezra is given a news report that he is appalled at. The news was the disobedience and unfaithfulness of God’s people. They were absorbing the cultures and practices of the nations around them.

Ezra’s response was to throw himself at the mercy of God. He tore his clothes signifying his lament and grief over the actions of God’s people. Ezra’s actions are reminder for us to consider our own response to the sins of our nation.

However, what amazes Ezra is God’s grace and mercy toward His people. The people kept on sinning. They kept repeating the sins of their parents and grand parents and great grandparents. And yet God was patient with them, showing them His grace and mercy.

When have you stood amazed at God’s grace and mercy toward you? Deuteronomy 7:8 reminds us that God chose His people because He loved them. Spend time thinking about God’s grace, mercy and love toward you.