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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 6 Jan

If you knew someone very important was coming to Wyndham, how would you go about advertising the important meeting. A media blitz on television. A double page spread in the local paper. May be even hire an influencer on electronic social media.

What did God do when He introduced His Son to the world? A few shepherds out in a paddock. Some wise men from a foreign country. A couple of elderly saints waiting in the temple for the Christ child. There wasn’t many who took much notice that God was sending His Son into the world.

In today’s Bible reading from Matthew 3 we meet up with a bloke who lived in the wilderness whom God used to introduce Jesus to the world.

John the Baptist would not have been the first choice on the list of whom you would use to introduce Jesus to the world. He had a habit of offending people when it came to talking about sin. John’s fashion sense could do with improvement.

Despite the quirky ways of John the Baptist, God used him to tell others that Jesus is the one they should take notice of. Jesus is the Saviour they were waiting for. As we ponder Matthew 3, let us also ponder how God might use us to show others their need of the Saviour Jesus Christ.