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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 6 Oct

How many signs does it take to bring about belief in the Lord Jesus? What is the purpose of signs? Of course I am not talking about a road direction sign or speed restriction sign or an oil warning sign on your car engine. Jesus had performed many signs or miracles. He had calmed storms. He had healed the sick. He had raised the dead. He had cast out demons. They were all signs that confirmed who Jesus said He was.

When John the Baptist lay languishing in a prison cell he began to ask questions. Is Jesus the anointed One? Is He the One we have been waiting for? Jesus answered by telling John and His followers to look at what He was doing. The signs confirmed who He was. Jesus is the Son of God.

Yet there were still people who had difficulty in accepting the fact that Jesus is who He claimed to be. And in these verses from Matthew 12 the people requested one more sign. Just one more miracle. How many signs and miracles had the people observed already? They were too numerous to mention. The problem was not that there was not enough signs. Jesus had already performed many of them. The problem was the heart. It was a matter of their refusal to believe. They did not want to put their trust in Jesus.

What about ourselves? What does it take for us to believe? Are we like the ones Jesus encountered? Just one more miracle and then we will believe. What is preventing you from becoming a follower of Jesus?