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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 6 Sep

Dreams!  We all have dreams from time to time.  It might be a dream holiday.  It might be to see your AFL Club win the Grand Final.  It might be to see a ministry established.  Perhaps you have a dream on your heart this morning that has been there for a long time but you see no way as to how the dream will be established or become reality. King David had a dream.  He longed for this dream to take place.  He had a dream, a passion to see a house, a temple built for God.  Yet God shattered his dream when He said, “No!  You are not to build my temple.  Your son Solomon will build the temple.”  How do we respond when God says no to our dreams?  Is it a bit galling when God says “No” to such a good and godly dream. We can react in a number of ways.  We can accept that God is in control, that He is sovereign and knows what He is doing.  We can become disappointed and bitter and allow the bitterness to poison our relationship with God and with others we are close to.  No doubt David would have been disappointed.  However, he freely acknowledged God knew far better than He did about what should happen.  Just look at the number of times David states God is sovereign in his prayer of II Samuel 7.  In fact God had a far better plan in mind.  Yes!  Solomon did build a temple.  But it was a pointer to another temple whose foundation is Jesus, and will last eternally.  Next time disappointment comes over you regarding a dashed dream, consider the God who is sovereign and knows which dreams should become reality.  After all we don’t want a nightmare on our hands!