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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 7 Apr

Matthew has been building a case that Jesus is the Christ, the Anointed One. He has given a genealogy for Jesus. He has recorded a challenging sermon as to how a member of the coming Kingdom will live. He has recorded incidents where Jesus’ authority and power have been seen. Jesus has healed people with a touch and a Word. Jesus has calmed storms. He has told demons where to go. And the list of what Jesus has done could go on. All of what Jesus has done points to the proof that Jesus is God for only God could do what Jesus has done.

Matthew 9 begins with another amazing proof of who Jesus is. The claim is made by Jesus to forgive sin. Such a claim was blasphemous to teachers of the law who were listening to Jesus’ teaching. Such a claim of blasphemy was made because only God could forgive sin.

Jesus proved He could forgive by providing a challenge to the many listeners. Is it easier to heal a paralysed man or forgive someone. At our level we would say that it is easier to forgive then heal someone because, to heal someone it would be very evident. If the man was not healed then we would know the person was a liar and not who he claimed to be.

Jesus did both. He healed and He forgave. However, to forgive is costly. It requires the one forgiving to absorb the hurt and pain caused by the sin. Perhaps you are seeking forgiveness. Why not discuss the challenge that forgiveness brings.