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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 7 Jan

Murder, sin, and an uncaring attitude toward those in need could summarize our own culture, but it certainly summarises the events of Genesis 4 where Cain lures his younger brother, Abel, out into the fields and kills him. Why he took such action could be put down to a combination of apparent favouritism over the type of offering to be made, his evil and unrighteous attitude, and his lack of faith to name just a few reasons. Genesis 4 does show that God is serious when it comes to the fulfilment of the promises he made in Genesis 3. There would be enmity and hostility between the godly and those of Satan. God is also serious when it comes to removing the unrighteous from His presence when He removes Cain from His presence. So, we have the first murder taking place due to a build up of anger. We need to look at how we handle our anger. We also have the response of Cain to God when Cain is asked by God concerning the whereabouts of his brother. “Am I my brother’s keeper?” We know the Scriptures tell us through a series of one another’s how we should treat our brothers and sisters in Christ. We should love one another. We are told to build up one another. We are instructed to encourage one another. Cain’s response to caring about his brother was essential, “I don’t care.” How do you show you care about your brother or sister in Christ? What steps can you take today or this week to show that you care? Be thankful God showed His care for you in the sending of Jesus.