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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 7 May

If there is one thing that raises our ire a little, if not a lot, is to see people getting away with a crime they have committed. It doesn't matter what the crime is, we want to see justice done and punishment enacted. Sometimes we are frustrated with the system because of a slip up or a technicality. Other times frustration is evident because in our eyes, the person is not sufficiently punished. In other words, the punishment does not fit the crime and is woefully adequate. Now that we have said our piece about the punishment fitting the crime, we come to another perplexing problem. Yes! We want to see criminals punished. But what about God judging and punishing sinners? Yes! God can punish sinners as long as it's not me. There appears to be a touch of hypocrisy in what we say. On the one hand, we want criminals punished. We don't want to see them let go. But on the other hand, we don't want to see God punishing sinners because I might be the one being punished. It's fine for the criminals to be judged and punished, as long as it isn't me. God does judge. These verses tell us as much. He judges according to the truth. So, we ought to examine our hearts to see our response to the truth. When God judges, His punishment fits the sin. When God judges, He shows no favouritism. Just because you are an Aussie, does not mean God will overlook the sins you have committed and pretend He doesn't see your sins. Ultimately, we will face Jesus as it is in His hands that God has placed judgement. Are you ready?