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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 7 Oct

The end of the AFL season has seen many celebrations. The Grand Final, the Brownlow, mad days, individual club’s best and fairest. All of which have come with various celebrations. And it is good to celebrate and give thanks and praise for those who have achieved during the course of the AFL season.

As we move to Ezra 6 we are introduced to more celebrations. The people celebrate the goodness of God in providing the necessary resources for work to continue on the temple. It is a reminder of Ezra 1 where a pagan Governor is told by the King to provide the resources needed.

The people celebrate the completion of the temple. It only took a couple of decades. There would have been much joy as the final stones and boards were put in place. It was cause for celebration as they give thanks and praise to God.

Then the people celebrate the Passover. A celebration that had not taken place at the temple for years. But now with the altar and temple complete they could celebrate the Passover as they remember afresh God’s marvellous rescue of His people out of slavery in Egypt.

As you ponder Ezra 6 what gives you cause to celebrate in the goodness of God?