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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 8 Dec

As Christmas rolls around once again have you ever seen the word “Christmas” in the Bible? In fact, you will not find it. One would think that in the four accounts we have of Jesus’ life that at least one of those accounts would mention Christmas.

Yet a careful investigation reveals that Matthew begins with a family tree. The birth of Jesus comes later. Mark begins with the coming of the kingdom. John takes us back to the beginning of creation and who was there. “In the beginning was the Word.” Luke begins with informing a friend that he is going to compose an accurate account of Jesus’ life which includes Jesus’ early childhood years.

No two gospel accounts are exactly the same. And over the next few weeks as the world buys into the concept of Christmas as gift giving, holidays, end of year break up parties, and for some a time for family get togethers, what does the Bible have to say concerning the birth of the Son of God?

In particular we will look at what Luke has to say concerning the coming of the Son of God. For Luke, he wants to present to his friend an accurate account of who Jesus is. So if Luke were writing for us today, Luke would begin along the lines, “let me tell you what Christmas is really about.” There are many who will purportedly tell you about Christmas. But few will tell you that Christmas is a time to ponder the coming of the Son of God as man to rescue a people for Himself. If you were to write an accurate account of Jesus, what would you write?