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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 8 Sep

Why is it that some sinners repent and others do not? Why is it that some sinners can hear the good news and straightaway respond, and others hear the same message but fail to respond? Why does God hold me accountable for my actions when He is the One who is sovereign and in control?

These are deep questions which provide a tension through out the Scriptures between man’s responsibility and God’s sovereignty. The verses from Matthew 11:20-30 highlight that tension.

Jesus spent a lot of time ministering in Capernaum, and yet there was little fruit from such an intensive ministry. To add insult to injury for the citizens of Capernaum, Jesus states that an immoral city like Sodom would have responded to the good news.

Jesus goes on to say that His heavenly Father keeps some things hidden which does not sound fair. And to further heighten the tension, Jesus indicates that He will choose who He will reveal the Father to.

We might not think it fair or just that God will keep things hidden or that Jesus will choose. Yet if God is to be God then does not He have the right to do as He pleases? Or are we angry with God because we would like to think that we have control and not Him.

We can hardly say it is not fair because God offers a gracious invitation to come to Him. And yet we ought to be rejoicing that God is in control for if it was left to man’s wisdom where would we be?