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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 9 Aug

“I’ve found the perfect church!” Ever hear this comment. Usually the speaker doesn’t realise it, but going to that church they made it imperfect because we are imperfect. As we read John’s third letter, he does not paint the picture of a perfect church. Far from it! He provides us with a picture of three people involved in the ministry of the church. Picture that will encourage us, but also challenge us as we realistically look at the church John is writing to. There is Gaius. A faithful man of God who walks in the truth and provides hospitality to people who come to the church. Whether they be a visitor seeking God, or an evangelist or missionary passing through the area, Gaius is known for his hospitality. What an example of faithfulness and a challenge for us as we seek to provide hospitality. There is Diotrephes. Certainly an example not to follow. It is said he loved to be first. Perhaps you’ve come across people such as this. Maybe in your work place, maybe in your sporting club, but john says this person is in the church and walking contrary to how Jesus said a follower of His should walk. Then there is Demetrius. It is simply recorded by John that everyone spoke well of him. Can you imagine that? John speaks well of him. God’s Word speaks well of him. Church members speak well of him. What do people say of you? We are given a picture of three examples in church John writes to. What example are you following as you follow Jesus?