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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 9 Jun

If there is one thing that people hate or intensely get upset over in our day and age is the apparent lack of justice that has crept in. If you have a plausible excuse, then the likelihood of a reduced sentence is highly likely. A senseless murder is committed and the perpetrator is out on parole in no time. The value of human life has been greatly diminished. Where is the justice is the cry?

As we travel through Malachi today the same cry goes up. Where is the God of justice? What is He doing about the lack of justice in Malachi’s time? People are calling evil good and yet God appears to be doing little about it. Some of the injustices of the day are listed. People perjure themselves in a court of law and think nothing of bearing false testimony. The correct wages and superannuation are not paid to the workers who deserve them. Widows and orphans struggle to survive while others live it up.

Where is the justice is the cry? God’s response is to send a messenger who will point them to the one to come. We know that One as the Lord Jesus Christ. Yet, little do the people realise that for God to deal with the injustice then He will need to start with His own people in the church. God might appear to be slow in dealing with the injustice that is occurring, but His slowness is enabling people time to repent, confess and turn to Christ. God is indeed a gracious God as He deals with injustice.