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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 21 Mar

Today’s reading is a rather unusual Scripture. It provides us with an insight into the family background of two of the inner circle of the disciples – James and John. It is unusual in that we have the mother of James and John approach Jesus with a favour. “Sit my boys on either side of you when you sit on your throne. We are not told who instigated the request, but we are left in no doubt that such a request could only be answered by God Himself. We may think a little like the other ten disciples who were indignant at the request. May be they were indignant because they did not think of it. How would we have responded? In fact there are several questions that get asked. How does one become great? The answer does not lie with worldly thinking. Jesus says if you want to be great then be prepared to serve. If you want to be first then be a slave. To be great may involve suffering? How would such instruction apply today. If you decided to be a servant would you get walked over in this fast paced world? If we look at Jesus’ life he came to serve not to be served. He came to give His life so that people would be saved and not perish. What changes, by God’s grace, do we need to make in our lives so that we might be great in the kingdom?