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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 28 Mar

Today, in the Christian Church, the event known as Palm Sunday is celebrated. It is a time when Jesus rode on a donkey into Jerusalem. One could hardly call it a momentous event when it only involved a donkey and a colt. Two animals! There have been much larger rides in history. 

For instance, the cavalry charge by the Australian 4th Lighthouse on the wells of Beersheba. It was a far bigger ride. But let us not forget the far bigger picture of what occurred on Palm Sunday. 

It was at a time when the Passover was being celebrated. There were thousands of visitors pouring into the city. A time when God’s people remembered what God had done in rescuing His people from the clutches of the Egyptians. 

So as the people made their way through the city gates and poured into the back streets, with each trying to find a bed for the week of celebrations. There was no phone app to use to book ahead. And each trying to work out what sacrifice would be required. The people would be shouting to one another, “Hosanna! Hosanna!” Or, “God save us.” They reminded one another what God had done for them. 

As we reflect on Palm Sunday, may be we too ought to remind ourselves of what God has done in sending the Saviour Jesus Christ. As we conclude this service, pray about who you might encourage.