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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 15 Aug

Christians across the world are facing unprecedented persecution. It is not only COVID causing problems in many countries. Some of the fastest growing churches are in countries where persecution is at its worst. 

It should not surprise us that such persecution is taking place. Jesus warned His followers not to be surprised if people hate you for they hasted me first to the point where they wanted Jesus dead and would eventually have him crucified. 

In the incident today the religious leaders wanted Jesus gone, but they were frightened of the people because the people thought Jesus was a prophet. 

They thought that if they could catch Jesus out with his words that they had Him. They seized an opportunity when they sensed they could trap Jesus with a trick question. It was really a simple trap. Should we pay tax or not? There were those present who thought that they should not pay taxes and if you did you were considered as traitor to the nation. Others present thought they should pay. 

How would Jesus answer that question? Jesus responds, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and give to God what is God’s”? Jesus had wisely answered. How would we answer? We need to ask ourselves what belongs to Caesar that we are being asked to hand over? What do we need to hand over to God?