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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 1 Aug

No doubt you have come across a story of tenants behaving badly. Maybe they are tenants who have refused to pay their rent according to the lease agreement they signed up for. Maybe they are tenants who have left behind them in their wake a trail of destruction and damage. Maybe you as the owner are left wondering what you can do with such despicable tenants. Maybe you as a good tenant have felt your reputation has been besmirched by tenants who have not done the right thing by the owner. 

In today’s parable Jesus tells the story of despicable tenants who had everything handed to them when they were put in charge of a vineyard business enterprise. However, when it came time to pay their fair share of the produce, they refused to pay up. 

Instead, they beat the employees sent to collect the business owner’s share. Even to killing the heir who would inherit the vineyard. “What despicable tenants!” we might think. We would never be like them, or would we? 

Consider what your loving heavenly Father has given you? How have you responded to what He has given you? Have you ever given thanks? What is our response to the heavenly Father who sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die in our place on a cross for our sins? Let us be servants of God who rightfully give what is due to Him.