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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 10 Dec

Have you ever met some godly people. Truly godly people. When you are with them you feel as though you are in the very presence of God. The couple I am thinking of walked humbly with God. Whenever he would speak at a meeting, church members were quick to listen. They had a unique ministry. Whenever a couple was getting married they would invite the couple round for a meal. During the course of the meal they would impart their wisdom on marriage which they had gained from decades of marriage. 

This morning in Luke chapter one we are introduced to just such a couple. There names – Zechariah and Elizabeth. We are told they were upright in God’s sight and blameless in keeping God’s law. You ever met such a couple. You do in Luke Chapter One as God draws you across the path of Zechariah and Elizabeth. 

What is significant about this couple is that they would be the parents of John the Baptist. We are not told how they felt about the circumstances God had dealt them. They simply got on serving the Lord, whether it be in the temple, or in the small town where they ministered. They set an example for John of serving the Lord. What example are we setting that others are following?