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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 3 Dec

Many a church would have asked the question, “Are you the one” as they search for a new minister. Or as they search for a new elder or Board manager or Sunday School teacher or a youth group leader or a helper in the kitchen, “Are you the one?” 

John the Baptist asked the question of Jesus, “Are you the one, or should we look for someone else? When John sent his followers to ask Jesus if he was the one they were to expect. Jesus did not give a direct answer. Instead, he told them to look at the fruit. Do the deaf hear? Yes! Or the blind see? Yes! Do the lame walk? Yes! Are demons expelled? Yes! Are the dead raised? Yes! 

What fruit do you see? We are the fruit of the Son of Man. Then go and report to John what you see and hear and is happening. They did as Jesus said and reported to John. Are you the one? Despite john’s doubts, he was now able to say Jesus is the one! There are times when we will have doubts. John was having one of those days when he doubted. 

We can, however, hang onto the claims Jesus is the way. We can hold to His promises that He preparing a place for us. He will be always with us. John the Baptist discovered Jesus is the one. Jesus is waiting patiently