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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 1 May

Are you happy? What gives you happiness? Some of us appear to be happy people. It does not matter what situation we find ourselves in, we are happy. No event will get us down. For others we struggle with happiness. It does not take much to get us down. 

Solomon, amongst all the wisdom he has given so far, provides some instruction on happiness. He provides a command, “Be happy.” Do we need to hear and heed that command? Then he says be happy while you are young. Perhaps this is a reminder of things to come. The older we get, and we become more set in our ways, we struggle to be happy. This might simply be we have not got the energy levels we once had. 

To counter this long term, Solomon wisely tells us to be happy while we are young. In doing so we will build into our lives events that will bring happiness. Enjoy the times and years God gives you. Banish anxiety. Cast off troubles. In your walk with Christ, what have you found helpful in being happy? Maybe you have a friend who reminds you to be happy! Maybe you sing hymns and psalms! Maybe you read the Scriptures!