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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 27 Jun

Recently a copy of the Mona Lisa was sold for millions of dollars. One would wonder why someone would pay so much for a painting that everyone knew was a fake. Even if it was a very good copy, why would you want to purchase something that was not the real deal. Fake copies of paintings in the art world is nothing new. Fraudsters try and pass off copies of the real thing in order to scam some money from unsuspecting purchasers. 

The apostle Paul writes of imitation to the Ephesian believers. He wants them to be imitators. There are many things to be imitators of Paul challenges these young in the faith believers to be imitators of God. They are to be pure rather than impure. They are to be light rather than darkness. They are to be wise rather than unwise. And of course in the midst of those characteristics they are to live a life of love. 

They are to love because God has loved them. They are to imitate to the world the love that God has shown them. God loved them with a sacrificial love. A love that saw the sacrifice of His Son so they could be forgiven and receive eternal life. 

We are called to be imitators of the God we follow. How are we going at imitating God’s love to a world that is in desperate need of seeing God’s sacrificial love lived out before them?