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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 23 Jul

They say there are certain certainties in life. Normally they refer to two certainties. You can be certain that death is one of them. You will die. Gone are the days when the patriarchs of old lived till they were over 900 years of age. Even they died eventually. Then there is the certainty of taxes. They go up, and rarely are they reduced. Two certainties we face – death and taxes. 

The apostle Peter writes of the certainties we face as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. One such certainty are false teachers. Wherever the church gathers for worship and fellowship, you will find false teachers. 

The apostle Paul warned the elders in the church at Ephesus that you will find false teachers arising from within the congregation itself. I remember one of my lecturers at Bible College warning students that you have come to this Bible College to learn of Jesus. Don’t be surprised that you hear of the devil putting his servants here as well. 

We might say, “Impossible!” But look at the history of the church. The 1st century church was continually warning the church of the false teachers in their midst. At best the church can warn the people of that which is false and put such teachers out of the fellowship of the believers. What would you do if a false teacher came to your church?