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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 10 Jul

Would you say that Aussies are content? How would you tell if people are content? It would appear that on the surface most would say they are content with their lot in life. However our actions may tell us a different story. 

We tend to become easily dis-satisfied with where we are at in life. We replace our computer even though there is nothing wrong with it, we simply want the latest technology for it. We don’t keep our car for very long, we trade it in on the latest version even though there was nothing wrong with the old one. 

Discontentment begins to show in our life by our attitude to what we have. Where discontentment surfaces is in our relationships. Why do we have such high divorce rates? Is it because we become discontent with our husband or wife? 

The apostle Paul tells us that contentment is not something that just happens. Contentment is learned. We learn to be content in any and every situation, whether rich or in need. Paul encourages the Christians to rest in God, to keep Him in the centre of your life, to be satisfied with what the creator God has given you.