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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 12 Feb

There were many death notices through out the year that it appeared every week someone well known was called into eternity. The most notable death headline consisted of four words. “The Queen Is Dead!” Even though the world was expecting the headline, when death did come, it still came as shock. It was as though she would simply go on living. 

Yet all of us at sometime will die. God knows the exact time each of will be called into eternity. We are reminded of that in a TV program where a child visits the doctor and asks will she die. The doctor responds, “Yes, you will die, but not today.” 

As we come to the opening chapter of the book of Joshua, we are reminded of another death notice. “Moses is dead!” Such a death notice would have spread quickly through the Israelite Camp. 

There would have been some very challenging questions asked? Who is going to take Moses’ place? Who will lead us? Why couldn’t Moses have lived a little longer? They are questions we would have asked if we had been there. 

God had it all worked out. He had prepared Joshua for the task. God knew how to sustain Joshua for what lay ahead. God knows what lies ahead for you in the coming year. You can trust Him to sustain you for what He will have you do!