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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 5 Dec

There is a phrase that is occasionally used to describe someone. It goes something like, “that man or woman, buy or girl is living in denial.” What they mean is that person denies something is wrong. It could be that they have been told they have cancer, but they deny they have it, even though the tests show otherwise. May be at some stage you have been in denial over something. 

In Matthew 26:69-75 we come across the apostle Peter who is living in denial. He denies that he knows Jesus. And yet several witnesses point out to him that he does know Jesus. The witnesses have seen him with Jesus. His voice accent gives him away as one who has spent time with Jesus. 

Peter has spent three years with Jesus, proclaiming the good news that the kingdom has come. They have shared meals together. In fact they have only just now celebrated the Lord’s Supper together. Peter has watched as Jesus calmed storms, restored people to full health, and raised the dead. Why, at this point in the journey with Jesus does Peter now turn his back on Jesus, when Jesus needed support as He headed for the cross? 

Is it out of fear that he might be arrested as well? He did not want to end up in gaol. Or mocked as Jesus faced various court room situations. Peter may have denied Jesus. What of ourselves? We can be thankful that our heavenly Father does not deny us as we walk with Christ.