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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 25 Feb

When we use the word disciple what springs to mind? In our culture we might use the term mentor. We might think of a coach. We might use the term teacher. We might think of the term trainer? We might think of the term apprentice. Each term describes a person who is desirous of learning. They might describe themselves as a third year apprentice carpenter, meaning they are in their third year of learning the carpentry trade. 

Jesus lived in a trainee culture. His was a time when you would seek out someone who would teach you. You would be a follower of a particular teacher. They would teach you. You became a follower or a disciple of them. 

Jesus, for some time, had been teaching an inner group of twelve. There would be many who would claim to be Jesus followers. But over time they would fall away, and so eventually Jesus had twelve disciples whom he was teaching. 

As we come to Luke 9, Jesus is about to send the twelve out on a mission where they would preach the good news of the kingdom. They had gained knowledge, now was the time to put that knowledge into practice. And so they were sent out, and upon their return they reported on the mission. Are you prepared to put your knowledge into practice? What hinders you from being sent? Can we have too much knowledge?