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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 19 Nov

We are entering into some very challenging verses which Jesus gives to His followers. What are we like at forgiving enemies? Loving our enemies? Praying for our enemies. It is challenging to consider Jesus’ commands! 

Some take the commands not to judge that we are not allowed to judge. However, if we don’t judge what will be the result? 

You enter a cooking competition. Surely the winner is chosen by some sort of judgement. Otherwise you end up with a cake that tastes really bad, but looks really great on the outside. Some form of judge is required. 

At the moment Year 12 are in exam mode. Judgement will take place as they prepare for the next step in their lives. 

However, we are aware of another judgement. The judgement enacted by God as He invites people to come and dwell with Him in His heavenly home. Surely God has the right to judge who will come and dwell with Him. 

Otherwise He would not be God. He would not be all powerful. On what basis does God judge? What have you done with my Son, Jesus Christ? Have you accepted what He has done? Jesus first disciples walked with Him. What about us?