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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 11 Feb

If you are walking in the dark away from any streetlights then one thing you need is light. Otherwise you might trip over something or walk into something. Living on a farm that can be easy enough to do particularly if you are working getting a paddock ready for sowing a crop. It is easy to run into as tree if you are not watching what is in front of you. 

We should not wonder that Jesus told his followers the following statement. No one lights a lamp and then hides it under a jar or under their bed. That would be ridiculous. The whole purpose of lighting a lamp is to enable you to see where you are going. You light a lamp in your house so that your guests will see where they are going to sit and not walk into your furniture. 

Physical light is one source of light we have and Jesus alluded to the oil lamps people used. There is another source of light and that is spiritual. We need spiritual light to see where we are heading spiritually. Although people seek spiritual light from various sources, for the Christian we seek such light from Jesus Christ. Jesus has come to give us light so that we know the way to the Father in heaven. Where do you seek light from? Do you seek enlightenment from the Word of God? Do you seek light from that offered by Jesus? Do you allow the Spirit to guide your actions? Jesus provides light are we using it?