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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 7 Aug

Eliphaz is the first of the three friends to approach Job with advice. At first he was not quite sure as to how to approach Job. Would Job be impatient with him. Would Job be angry? Would Job even listen to him as he attempted to explain what had happened with the tragic loss that Job was undergoing. 

You have probably felt similar angst yourself as you went to comfort and console a friend or family member in a difficult time in their life. Would they be receptive to you? Would they listen? Could you sit with them in silence? All these questions and more would be running through your mind as you knocked on their front door. 

It is not always easy to go and provide a listening ear to someone. Some of us have a natural ability to be with someone in need. Others among us need to work on it. 

We can be thankful that the Lord Jesus is willing to provide that listening ear and comfort for those of us in need. Perhaps this morning you are in need of someone to listen to your cry of help. Or may be the person sitting on the other end of the pew is in need of your help this morning.