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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 26 Sep

We all come with expectations. When a baby is born we are hopeful with certain expectations. Those expectations may revolve around seeing that child grow to be a beneficial member of the community. The expectation that they would be a faithful follower of the Lord Jesus. 

May be your expectations lie elsewhere. You buy a new car with the expectation that you will not have any trouble with it. You purchase a house with the expectation that it will not require any maintenance. Or the expectation that your friends will be there for you. We all come with expectations. 

Some expectations we did not expect. You commit your life to following Jesus thinking that life goes well for you free from suffering only to discover your family members die quickly, you lose your business, and your health suffers. Just ask Job what his life expectations were? Or John the Baptist who lost his head while speaking to others of Jesus. Or Paul who found himself beaten and in jail. What was Paul’s expectations of the abundant life in Christ? 

What is your expectation of life as you follow Jesus? Do you expect to suffer? Do you expect people to believe you? Do you expect to have compassion on those who are lost and have done the wrong thing by you? Do you expect Jesus to return? What expectations of life do you have? When have those expectations been dashed?