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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 30 Oct

Just how has Jesus fulfilled the Law is a question worth pondering. He tells His followers that He has not come to abolish the law but to fulfill them. 

When we think about someone fulfilling the law, we think of someone who is able to keep the law. If someone fulfills the law then the picture is of that who is able to keep the law in regard to how fast you can drive. 

Jesus comes along and says He fulfills the law. He tells them he keeps the law in regard to murder. Many will say, “I have never killed anyone.” Jesus says there is more than one way to kill someone. 

You are only thinking physically. What about emotionally? Ever said to your child, “You will never amount to anything.” You kill with words. “You idiot!” We kill a child spiritually by keeping them away from church. They slowly die spiritually. 

Have you killed someone in the past week? Do you need to go and seek forgiveness? Ask Jesus to help you, after all He has fulfilled the Law?