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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 10 Oct

Some years back while I was preparing for a funeral, I came across a sad story of preparedness. It involved a young photographer who was flown into the Alaskan wilderness. He came well prepared for the few months he would stay there. He had food, water, and plenty of rolls of film. He even had the foresight to take a gun to keep bears away He set up camp, and started taking photos of the Alaskan wilderness. 

The next summer they found his body. What had happened? Did a bear get him? Did he trip and accidentally shoot himself? It was far simpler than that. He forgot to tell anyone to come and pick him up. He had prepared well. But the one thing He did not prepare for was to be picked up. It was so vital. 

This morning as we look at Matthew’s gospel. Jesus asks a very important question. Are you prepared for my return? What steps have you taken to be ready for Christ’s return? Jesus likens the period leading up to His return similar to the time period that Noah faced. We are told that in this period while Noah got on with the job of building an ark. However, the people of that same period got on with living their lives. A sort of eat, drink and be merry scenario. The people lived their lives to the fullest without God. Noah got on with living his life for God. In the end, Noah and his family were prepared for the future. How prepared are you for the future?